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At Viking Fire Protection, we believe that our employees are the secret to our success. Our personnel have allowed our company to build a solid reputation and to continually move forward. Each new hire fulfills a specific need within the organization. To this end, we are searching for dynamic individuals who are ready to take on the many exciting challenges that lie ahead.

Here is a list of our current open positions:

Sprinkler Designer / CALGARY #VC-12
Technical Representative / CALGARY #VC-11
Sprinkler Sales Representative / MONTREAL #VM-71
Sr Fire Alarm Technician / VANCOUVER #TV-31
Fire Alarm Technician / OTTAWA #VO-22
Inspection Technician / VANCOUVER #YV-24
Sprinkler Designer / VANCOUVER #VV-39
Fire Alarm Sales & Technical Representative / OTTAWA #VO-21
Fire Alarm technician / MONTREAL #VM-TM-73
Fire Protection Technician / MONTREAL #VM-YM-79
Truck Driver / warehouse clerck / MONTREAL #VM-76
Administrative assistant/MONTRÉAL #VM-XM-77
Inspection-Service Coordinator / SAINT-JOHN, NB #VB-11
Fire Alarm Technician / TORONTO #VT-31
Construction Superintendent / DARTMOUTH #VD-05
Design Coordinator / SAINT-JOHN, NB #VB-10
Large Contract Estimator / DARTMOUTH #VD-07
Small Contract Estimator / DARTMOUTH #VD-06
Inspection department dispatcher / Burnaby #VV-43

None of our current openings match your interests? No problem! As an ever-growing industry leader, Viking Fire Protection Inc. is always searching for new candidates.

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